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DongDaeMun 2020 Lunar NEW Years Holidays

LUNAR NEW Years holiday in South Korea 2020, runs from January 24 Friday through 27 Monday for a total of FOUR full days . this is the Official National Holiday so banks and government offices will be closed but tourist and shopping centers will most likely be open throughout..
for new-comers and tourists : the term Sang-Ga was used to name shops gathered in about two-story buildings when South Korea was re-building from the Korean War, but most of the target-specific markets below are all contained in huge single buildings, whose name vary from classic Korean to almost Sci-Fi.. also interesting two-decades Post-Millennium in the NOW technically-advanced nation in Asia : most do NOT have a web-page duh-uh

*Note, this Page contains BOTH shopping buildings open to the public (some open day-time and some 24-hours) AND wholesale ONLY – which opens during the wee-hours of the night until sun-rise.. all mentioned precisely on our separate dedicated Page on Top-Menu.

Yes I know it is confusing as to which building open what hours – on top of differing hours among consumer-oriented AND whole-sale ONLY buildings in DongDaeMun Apparel District, more-over beaucoup-hard to get information on when each close during the couple of extensive holidays in South Korea . the only sure way is to be in the building itself imminent to actual holiday dates – which operators and associates of Korea Expat BLogs goes to almost every-other day-and-night.. so you could say : this BLog contains the most dependable calendar reference in English (nor is there any Korean guide updated to such extent as a whole) among the Universe on DongDaeMun Market . (Right, the /next/ question is “which stores in which buildings -and on what floor- sell exactly what-kind-of-clothes ???” well, that’s for later consulting)

all dates below from Official bulletins on each building, as always geographically clock-wise from North-West to South-East divided into address Blocks marked on our own MAP (Yes all text is jammed-tight and hard to read at first, but this Posst is for the go-consumer who has over-night to shop AND selective boutique and shop-owners well-aware Time-is-Money):

[ NORTH-WEST] ( immensly large bedding and fabric building – divided into a maze of blocks and floors once inside – rear of the NEW JW Marriott DongDaeMun Square SEOUL Hotel )

[ NORTH-EAST] ( whole area containing toys, shoes, birds and aquarium sectors on the Northern bank of CheongGaeCheon waterways East-ward from the actual ancient East Gate : DongDaeMun )
*CheongGyeCheon Shoes Market (third long West-East-narrow building, East of the actual East Gate monument running parallel along the Northern bank of CheongGaeCheon waterways) will close January 24 Friday until 28 Tuesday for FIVE FULL Days.

*CheongGye (pronounced Chung-Gae) 6-Ga UnderGround Shopping Center (a block South of DongDaeMun Subway Station) will be open through-out 2020 – understandable as this is the passage for all, including Chinese tourist using the subway

[ WEST BLOCK ] (mostly tall, consumer-oriented buildings where some need bargaining)
*PyeongHwa Clothing Market (considered the original apparel market building in DongDaeMun selling OEM surplus to frugal Korean consumers) : closes 23 Thursday to re-open 28 Tuesday after SIX days-OFF 2020
*Tong-il SangGa (Re-Unification Market as some old buildings are named with memories of the Korean War still ripe) closes 24 Friday to re-open 28 Tuesday night 2020.
*DongHwa SangGa (Korean of East Flower Market) : closes 24 Friday ~ 27 Monday 2020.
*HyunDai Outlet City, DongDaeMun Branch will ONLY close on Chinese LUNAR NEW Years January 25 Saturday 2020
Doota Mall : 2020-TBA (normal hours 10:30am~next morning 5am, Sundays until midnight)
*Migliore : will close 24 Friday EVE AND 25 Saturday LUNAR NEW Years 2020 ONLY~
Good Morning City : 2020-TBA (normal open hours 10:30am~1am closed Tuesdays)

[ EAST BLOCK ] ( whole-sale, mostly open at nights )
*ShinPyeongHwa Fashion Town (translates into NEW Peace Market) : closes January 23 Thursday 5pm. to re-open 28 Tuesday evening 9pm, after a full six-day holiday in 2020 (normal open hours: 4th Floor 9am~4pm, 2 & 3rd Floors 9pm~next morning 10am and Saturdays midnight ’til noon closed Sundays, ground Floor & under-ground 9pm until next day afternoon 5pm, building exterior stores 8am~8pm)

*NamPyeongHwa Sanga /South Peace Market, the West-East-long building just South of CheongGaeCheon waterflow (which was the highway running West-East across downtown of the Capital from Liberation Day 1976 until June 30 2003 when it was demolished to make-way for this peace-ful water-way giving sojourn to the now-massive city-dwellers Post-Millennium)
– closes January 23 Thursday to re-open 28 Tuesday night 2020 (normally open midnight ’til noon)

*Max Style now re-modeled, to close 23 Thursday 6pm, to re-open 28 Tuesday evening at 8pm 2020 (normal open hours 10am~5am, Saturdays until 5pm with break times 6~8pm and Sundays 8pm~ next morning 5am)
Jeil PyeongHwa ShiJang (translates into First Peace Market) currently under re-modeling (normal open hours will be 9am~5:30pm 8pm~next morning 5am, Saturdays until 5pm and Sundays 9pm~5am)
GwangHee Fashion Mall : 2020-TBA (normal hours 8pm~next morning 5am closed Saturdays 5am~Sundays 8pm)
BelPost WholeSale : 2020-TBA (normal hours 8pm~ next morning 5am closed Saturdays, while Ground Floor opens 9am~5pm 8pm~5am and Saturdays 9am~4pm)
*DongPyeongHwa Fashion Town (East Peace Market): will close January 24 Friday to 27 Monday 2020.
Art Plaza : 2020-TBA
AllNeo-W (strangely pronounced Olleo-W in Korean) 2020-TBA
SeoPyeongHwa SangGa (West Peace Market in Korean, but on the East section of DongDaeMun market area in reality) still closed for re-modeling.. 2020
*HaeYang Elysium : will close 24 Friday to re-open 28 Tuesday night 2020.
*Techno Sanga (Tech Market in Korean – NOT electronics products at all) closes 23 Thursday to re-open 28 Tuesday after six-full days-OFF 2020
*ChungPyeongHwa Shijang (Blue Peace Market in Korean) closes early morning January 23 Thursday 6am, to re-open 28 Tuesday night 11:50pm after SIX full-days 2020 (normal open hours from midnight until noon, Saturdays until 6am and closed Sundays)
*Theot : to close 23 Thursday morning 6am, to re-open 28 Tuesday night at 11:50pm 2020 (OFF for six whole-days, normal open hours from midnight until noon, Saturdays until 6am and closed Sundays)
*DDP (DongDaeMun Plaza) Fashion Mall formerly U:US (pronounced U-yours), closes January 23 Thursday until 27 Monday 2020.
Team204 : 2020-TBA
*Nuzzon Fashion Mall : closes 23 Thursday to re-open 28 Tuesday evening at 8pm 2020 (normal hours: 8pm~6am and closed Saturdays 6am ’til Sundays 8pm)
Designer Club WholeSale : 2020-TBA (normally open 8pm~6am closed Saturdays)
Golden Town : 2020-TBA (normally open 9am~6pm closed Sundays)
APM Lux : 2020-TBA (normally open 8am~next morning 5am, closed Saturdays)
*APM Fashion Mall : will close 23 Thursday to 27 Monday 2020 (normal hours 8am~next morning 5am, closed Saturdays)

[ SOUTH-WEST ] ( newer consumer retail buildings )
*Hello APM : will close ONLY January 24 Friday AND 25 Saturday – the actual Chinese NEW Years 2020
*Lotte Fit-in : will close ONLY 25 Saturday the actual Chinese NEW Years 2020 !
[ SOUTH-WEST ] ( newer buildings )
APM Place : 2020-TBA (normal hours 2pm~next morning 5am, closed Saturdays and Sundays open at 7pm)

New-comers and visitors : refer to detailed map of the whole DongDaeMun Shopping area MAP on Top-Menu
– last update January 14 2020, Korea Expat BLog

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