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DongDaeMun 2019 Chinese Lunar NEW Years

*Note opening and closing times of the day as DongDaeMun apparel district is a clutter of consumer AND wholesale stores..
again venturing geographically from North-East clock-wise to South-West..

South (of actual “DongDaeMun” which is the old East Gate) Block :

  • ShinPyeongHwa SangGa (NEW Peace Market – just South-East of the actual old DongDaeMun Gate and across South the CheonGaeCheon water-way) will close February 2nd Saturday to re-open 7 Thursday 9pm.
  • NamPyeongHwa Shijang (South Peace Market) closes February 2nd Saturday until 7 Sunday where lower ground and under-ground floors will re-open at noon, and higher 2nd and 3rd floors floors at 8pm in the evening .
  • MaxTyle is under re-modeling .
  • GwangHee Fashion Mall closes February 2nd Saturday to re-open 7 Thursday evening .
  • DongPyeongHwa (East Peace Market) differs by floor, Jesus :
    upper floors 1~4F closed February 3 Sunday ~ 7 Thursday,
    underground level closed February 2 Saturday until 6 Wednesday .
  • Theot will close from February 3 Sunday until 7 Thursday to re-open at 11:50pm

South-East Block :

  • DDP Fashion Mall (previously U:US pronounced Yours)
  • Nuzzon (pronounced New Zone) Shopping Mall closed February 3 Sunday until 6 Wednesday .

South-West Block :

  • Lotte Fitin closed on actual Chinese Lunar NEW Years February 5 Tuesday ONLY .
  • Migliore pronounced “Millioray” closed February 4 Monday and 5 Tuesday only .
  • DongHwa SangGa will be closed for 3 days at February 4 Monday ~ 6 Wednesday


*detailed map is at Top Menu and for those seeking to shop at NamDaeMun (South Gate) most of the buildings nor stores don’t have Official announcements when they close, so looking at a couple of buildings that Do have announced and some individual stores: it is safe to say most close from February 3rd Sunday all-the-way to 6 Wednesday .

– for-ever young, Korea Expat BLog

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