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Cancelled Olympic Games

As the Gods looked-over Mount Olympus upon mortals to gather from all corners of the known-World to compete in healthy spirit on various sport categories (Alas how magnificent would it have been if this took the place of inter-clan battles where hoards of people bled to die), it was-so then for every four years  – in the hot Summer splashing under the sun and Winter over snow-covered mountains . they pity in-vain though to realize some events halted when these World clash for greed, although humans themselves swear it was for the war to end all wars..

  • Vi Olympiad 1916 Summer Olympics in Berlin due to The Great War : World War i (Antwerp Belgium held in 1920) to be re-scheduled for 1936 overtly a Nazi convention with to-be-seen-to-be-believed Adolf Hitler declaring Opening at its Ceremony
  • Xii Olympiad 1940 Summer Olympics in Tokyo due to World War ii (re-scheduled for Helsinki Finland but hosted 1952) to have a second chance in 1964
  • 1940 Winter Olympics V in Sapporo, Japan due to WWii to happen in 1972
  • Xiii Olympiad 1944 Summer Olympics for London but for WWii again to realize in 1948
  • 1944 Winter Olympics V for Cortina d’Ampezzo, italy to eventually hold (after St.Moritz Switzerland in 1948) on 1956

– and if I had been a sharp-shooter I would have saught-out Cupid, Korea Expat BLog

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