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GangNam H Residence

No, this is NOT the Residence H (both of their branches close-by though) You find on simple search, which is correctly a full-fledged residence – new popular local term for cheaper-but-clean boutique-type hotels in congested areas around the Capital of SEOUL ,in a modern building . but once in their website coming right after the first couple of search terms above : it is rightfully called one-room.tel, which is what it is – a single studio, although much smaller than your American counter-part considering small-space living here as well as neighboring Japan . people who know here say it is close to GangNam Subway Station, but actually is on the minor Subway Line 9 and right out of Exit 7 and in the entrance to the next Left alley . aside from its convenient location : You would have a hard time finding it for the first time if You were expecting the term residence above – as its bill-board is more like one of those extra-studies institute dotted around around the Korean Peninsula .20150109_132251&4cur800x480CaliWin3 20150109_132753r3c640x342 20150109_132712c270x480 You climb three floors-up and there are two such residences on the same floor facing each other . upon entering : there is a small managers office counter and You notice you have to to take your shoes off here, to carry it into your room, which has its own shower and bathroom . 150110HResidence-KALLimoKangNam 150110HResidence-AirportLimo2 150110HResidence-KALLimo  150110AirportLimousine6000

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