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[ about this BLog ]

“ These are the voyages of the Art Day BLogger,
it’s continuing mission to explore a strange~ new art fairs,
to seek out new galleries and artists,
to boldly go where NO art collector has gone before.”


[ intro ] Schedule preview of international Contemporary art fairs, mostly around the Pacific Rim . many but the most robust (ball-park : two-dozen World-Wide) venues goes dead and its websites remain a doldrum in CyberSpace, adding to the confusion which event will be held where this year . this Expatriate BLog cleans this up, thus has the most current and correct dates of Globally-renowned art shows and newer contemporary exhibitions in the Orient and South-East Asia – Updated every Season for seeking those that I collect and sometimes to sell . note these aren’t comparable to industrial conventions nor exhibitions – as frequent buyers are touted for earlier First View, then public entry as more-and-more requires some payment, while considerable on the renowned venues .

more frequent minor “hotel fairs” – which began in Basel/Miami – popping-up suddenly – some even without a web-site, as those in the Orient are mostly small group efforts to promote newer artists and galleries in hotel rooms, where they rent 1~3 floors for about 2~3 days . it really is time-consuming, for you have to go into each room to verify its content .


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[ about me ]

“ You can call me… Art Collector. And as you can see, I’m a lot happier than when I wasn’t .
still I have given a name to my pain, and it is Haibara .
– Where does she get those wonderful toys ?”

” but I’m only laughing on the outside
/ for my smile is just skin deep
/ and if you could see inside, I’m really crying
from all the mishap Reality has burdened on me…
/ You might join me for a weep.”


[ about You ]

“ Have you ever danced with the Devil, in the pale moon-light?”

with an Ode to the most sensuous Artist, this side of the Pillars of Hercules

– Art Day BLog, March 2009 –
e_m_a_i_l : artday_at_spamex_dot_com

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